Hardware Integration

HP Workstation and servers (J210, J2240, J5000, J6000, J6700, J7000)

Sun Workstation and server ( Sparc-20, Ultra-2/5/10/30/60, E250, E450, E4500,

Sun Blade-100, SunPci, SunRay-100/150)

Various PC hardware HP/Sony/Dell

RAID Arrays – Winchester and Sun

Cisco Routers/Hubs, 3Com Super Stack

Military/Govt Network encryption (kiv-7/ sv-7)

General Instrument A/D other sampling hardware

Military Serial I/O hardware – Serial mux products (equinox)

CSP – Communication Support Processor, SCSI serial

Tactical Receive Equipment, TRS, terminal servers

Software Development

Solaris, Hpux, Linux, NT, Labview

C/C++ Development, Java, Motif, G, Win32 API

GNU / Open source systems development

Apache http server

Nessus security tools

Samba (pc file server)

Encryption Secure Socket Layer - SSL, SSH, SSHD

Big Brother (System monitoring), NetAdmin (remote admin)

Development – gcc, gdb, xemacs

Security Enhanced Linux (SELinus – NSA funded trusted OS)

GCCS - M DII COE Core and Segment development.

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