Quality Assurance Program


The Keysoft Systems Team consists of people dedicated to delivering best-value services and solutions based on innovative applications of science and technology. We have an uncompromising commitment to providing our customers with quality technical products and services, while meeting the highest moral and ethical standards in the performance of our jobs. Our Keysoft Systems Team philosophy considers quality performance an integral component of any organizational structure Keysoft Systems Team fields in response to a customer's requirement.


With the Keysoft Team, quality performance means two things. First, we take pride in satisfying our customers by delivering products and services that meet or exceed their specified requirements at the agreed price and within schedule. Secondly, the Keysoft Team and its members commit to continuously improve the processes by which we provide our products and services, so that our work meets requirements without error and is done right the first time. We recognize that customer appraisal of our performance is critically important to our overall reputation and that our customers' satisfaction is the key factor in our overall success.


Our teaming and cooperation structure ensures that each of us has a personal stake in the quality of our products and services and the performance of the company as a whole and we will institute a quality management system to monitor and maximize quality. The purpose of the Keysoft Systems Team Quality Management System is to ensure that our products and services meet or exceed their specified requirements at the agreed price and within schedule. It also establishes the processes by which we deliver products and services are continuously improved and problems are prevented.


The Keysoft Systems Team has established an 11 step process that will guarantee responsiveness to and cooperate with customers. The 11 step process is provided as follows:


  1. Clearly identify and define the specific requirements with the customer;
  2. Disseminate the requirements to the team members and solicit input on staffing;
  3. Identify the team members qualified to perform the task;
  4. Clearly communicate the specific task that each team member will be performing;
  5. Team members provide scheduling and staffing to develop a pricing estimate;
  6. Develop options and prepare proposal material for customer review;
  7. Provide proposal schedule and pricing information to customer;
  8. Secure customer approval of schedule and pricing;
  9. Use project management software to track scheduling and progress;
  10. Periodically evaluate progress and performance of team members;
  11. Communicate our progress with schedule and cost information; and, Repeat any or all steps as required to achieve customer satisfaction.


We believe this approach will support the Navy's missions by setting the highest standards in managing, maintaining and mentoring our team. This process will ensure quality, while also meeting quantified cost reduction objectives for each scope of work. Furthermore this process will identify, mitigate and prevent post-award conflicts. This management approach will identify bidding protocol standards that allow all team members to represent their capabilities and areas of expertise for each new task order. Representation and selection will be based on capability and availability of each team member, guaranteeing responsiveness to and cooperation with our customers.


Keysoft Systems, along with our team members and any associated partners will critically and strategically analyze each prerequisite and its associated requirements to ensure that in the best interest of acquisition program management performance, along with the ability to maximize quality, the most qualified organization will pursue and if awarded support a particular task order.   In addition, this management approach will identify early signs of problems or difficulties, if any, in order to mitigate and prevent conflict.




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