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Keysoft Systems

425 W. Beech St.

Suite 1705

San Diego, CA 92101


Commercial Business Telephone:

619.542.0888 (O)

619.542.1888 (F)


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Keysoft is looking for personnel to perform the following duties:


Job Description: Performs a wide variety of tasks relating to the incoming and outgoing of materials, merchandise or equipment. Duties include receiving, shipping, procurement and inventory/material control. Performs manual and/or clerical duties that may utilize computers involved in receipt or preparation of materials for shipment. May operate vehicles to transport passengers, material or merchandise. May compile and compute freight rates and other charges for transportation services. Traces shipments. May be responsible for government and company property tracking and control. Calculates and records storage and other applicable charges.


Performs a wide variety of planning, scheduling, coordinating and reporting tasks in support of the manufacturing workflow. Coordinates and monitors workflow, assisting in scheduling and prioritizing activities in assigned area. Working from program/project status reports, work or delivery schedules and/or manifests, checks and verifies data, identifies items to be posted, identifies related areas that are affected and records information. Analyzes and reconciles data. Investigates inconsistencies. determines and communicates impacts to affected individuals, and initiates and takes corrective action. Prepares reports and summaries. Replies to inquiries. Draws attention to important items and actual or potential problems and assists in developing solutions. Checks for work correctness. May assist in directing work, assigning and outlining tasks.


Required Skills: 4+ years logistics support experience that demonstrates working knowledge of:



Maintenance, equipment management, materials or equipment disposition processes and procedures.

Policy interpretation and compliance

Problem resolution

2+ years property management experience and familiarity with property tracking procedures and systems

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