Developers and engineers are experienced with HP/UX, CMW, B1 security concepts, and existing PC software products (COM, DCOM, Office, etc).


Areas of expertise include: C, C++, Unix, Linux, X, Motif, Java, Trusted Solaris, GeoViz, and utilities such as make and CVS.


Keysoft Systems is supporting the Horizontal Fusion development efforts. Horizontal Fusion is a portfolio of initiatives - a joint suite of military operations and intelligence systems being developed by the armed services.   The concept; warfighters from all branches of the military can search for and access strategic information at the click of a mouse using a DoD-wide Internet-like network.


Horizontal Fusion has been organized to focus technology on the information-sharing challenges of net-centric warfare and to demonstrate innovation and benefit quickly.   Keysoft Systems is assisting in these efforts assisting with web-services to leverage existing and emerging technologies in a secure environment.



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