Welcome to Keysoft Systems

KEYSOFT SYSTEMS was incorporated as a California corporation in 2000.  It is a small business. The management and staff of Keysoft Systems have technical backgrounds with individual experience ranging from five to twenty-five years.
Keysoft Systems has knowledge of and experience in naval intelligence processes and organizations including the systems, procedures and methods of analyzing, compiling, reporting, and disseminating intelligence data (for production/analysis).  Examples of this knowledge and experience include Navy C4ISR/IT and GCCS-M.

The VISION of Keysoft Systems, Inc. is to be a respected leader in addressing key software technology and computer systems issues for enterprise.

The MISSION of Keysoft Systems, Inc. is to provide software and computer systems research, development, and applications for commercial and government clients.

Keysoft's corporate OBJECTIVE is to perform its mission and achieve its vision by motivating and maintaining a highly capable workforce. This will be pursued by providing employees an excellent corporate environment, with superior employee benefits. Excellence will be maintained through carefully managed growth.


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